Focus of Research and Teaching

  • Buddhism in India and Tibet
  • Theory of Religion
  • Buddhist Ethics and Bioethics
  • Buddhism in the West
  • Cognitive Metaphor Theory in the Study of Religion
  • History and Discourse of “Near-Death Experiences”


Doctoral Project

Flavio Geisshüsler: De Martino and the History of Religions

This project aims to offer a thorough introduction to the life and thought of Ernesto de Martino (1908-1965) in English. Since he is recognized as one of the most important thinkers of Italy in the twentieth century, yet virtually unknown in the Anglophone world, the project will introduce de Martino by situating him 1) within the Italian cultural context that was his own; 2) in relationship to some of his contemporaries, all of which are widely known as the leading thinkers on religion of their generation; 3) as an innovative and relevant voice anticipating some of the central themes and methods of today’s research in religious studies.

Jens Schlieter studied Philosophy, Tibetology / Buddhist Studies, and Comparative Religion in Bonn and Vienna; PhD in Philosophy (1999); research positions at the University of Munich (LMU) and University of Bonn; 2005-2009 Assistant Professor at the University of Bern; Habilitation in Science of Religion (2006), since 2009 Professor for the Systematic Study of Religion in Berne